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Vectorly is an official design management tool recommended by @Yuri Vetrov, one of the most known design managers in Russia, as a part of his design management course


For leaders & individuals


HR and learning
development managers

Grow talents and reduce employee turnover in your company


and Team Leaders

Drive performance and coach your
team in real-time


Employees and individuals

Have a clear career path and tasks
that contribute to growth


Productivity decreases by up to 50% without a clear growth path*

Use Vectorly to link personal and career development for you and your team

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Do you know that...

Productivity decreases
by up to 50% without
clear growth path*

Use Vectorly to connect personal and career development

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Create a skillboard

Create a promotion system based on skills requirements and performance

  • Create skillboards to organise skills for you or your team
  • Group skills by levels, positions or areas of usage
  • Set regular growth goals and track progress


Share knowledge

Share and collect knowledge faster without an external LMS

Easily add any type of content to skills — files, videos, lists, requirements or how to guides

Keep team knowledge fresh. Add materials on-the-go with Google Chrome Extension

Collect the best practices in one place to quickly onboard new team members

Have a single source of knowledge to save time on searching and over-explaining

Upskilling is 17% cheaper than hiring*

Use Vectorly to develop new skills instead of hiring new team

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Track progress

Boost team engagement by investing in professional growth

Develop skills by real tasks with Trello and Jira integrations, and track how employees grow in the process of work

Develop skills with materials added to a knowledge base from around the Web without the need for cumbersome LMS


Review skills

Engaged teams show 21% greater profitability

  • Give continuous feedback to all team members
  • Review skills to understand personal and team skill gaps
  • Set focus skills based on interests, team goals and skill gaps
Vectorly is live on Product Hunt!

Big news! Vectorly is on Product Hunt! Review Vectorly and leave your feedback.

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