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Hiring is 600% more expensive than upskilling*

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Start people growth from clear understanding what skills they need and how they can develop them. Create skillboards for every role in your company or use one of our skill matrices template.

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Use Vectorly to engage your team with a clear understanding of personal growth inside the company.

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We spent a lot of time to bootstrap something like this before Vectorly.

Vectorly team made the first tool that closes all the problems. You can finally leave the sheets in excel and do not aggregate all the data yourself, but automatically and systematically. It's the first complex tool.

Together with Vectorly, we added my skill matrix to Vectorly and made a template for all design teams. We tested Vectorly in Raiffeisen and run it on the whole team. I advise you to do the same. I really want to save everyone some time.

Yuri Vetrov, Raiffeisen Bank

Vectorly is a unique service for developing team skills.

Now my team consists of more than 40 designers. At this point, it became impossible to to manage it's growth with team leaders, HRs, project managers involved.

Vectorly automates and makes it easy to identify skill levels of each member, set personal goals and track growth. This allows me to motivate and grow my whole team every day.

Igor Gott, Rostelecom