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" Vectorly automates team growth and makes it easy to identify skill levels of each member, set personal goals and track performance. "

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Did you know that...

Engineering Managers spend ≥20 hours each month on hands-on management operations

Each month 20 hours is spent on hands-on management operations



It means that each month $1200
is spent on ineffective routine work.



Why to spend time and money on "managing" documents, rather than on mentoring your engineering team?

How it's calculated?

Prepare agenda, organising and searching notes for 1:1s

10 min × # of developers
30 min × 4 weeks

Weekly 1:1s with developers require preparation for 5-10 mins each to look at your notes and updates of developer progress.

Also it takes 30 mins each week to organise and brush up your notes to make it useful for future 1:1s

per month
per month

Collect performance and skill growth feedback

3 hours × # of developers

Each quarter you need to create spreadsheets for performance review with skills and performance indicators, send them to reviewers, summarise the data to get report.

For each developer it takes 3 hours  each quarter.

per month
per month

Prepare for promotional conversation

10 min × # of developers

Each month you have 1 promotional conversation, where you need to explain developer what is needed to get a promotion.

It usually requires to update skills matrix, conduct skill review with multiple participants and understand skill gap.

per month
per month

Find developer with certain skills


You regularly staff people on different products. To find a perfect match you need to understand skills required for project and skills of developer.


per month
per month
What is Vectorly?

Step-by-step framework  to promote, develop skills, collect feedback and review performance of your engineering team

Quick and simple

Start with 1:1 meetings to build culture of mentorship

Where to start?

You have knowledge to mentor developers. You just don't have process to share this knowledge regularly.

Mentor by giving feedback on real tasks

Integrate with Jira, Asana, Trello, Figma, Gitlab to see completed tasks since your last meeting.

Always know what to ask

Use 50+ templates to handle any meeting with ease: job interviews, promotions, regular 1:1, career development and more.

Free time of your HR team, managers and employees

Usually People Operations is brought and supported by HRs, but with Vectorly you can easily do it on your own

Skills matrices

Save time to communicate skills instead of organising and fixing your spreadsheets

Career tracks

Save time to plan career development for ICs and Managers instead of fixing your spreadsheets

50+ role templates

Save time to develop skills of your team instead of building skill matrices from scratch

360 skill reviews and feedback

Save time to discuss review results and feedback, rather than manually creating, copying  and sending forms each review.

Guest reviewers

Save time to discuss feedback from cross-functional team members, rather than collecting feedback manually.


Save time to reach business goals, rather that aligning your team on goals

Team skillset

Save time to make better hiring and management decisions, rather than visualising data on team skill gaps.

Growth profile

Save time to analyse and discuss individual growth, rather than on manually collecting data in spreadsheets

Find people with skills

Save time to staff team members on projects that fit their skills best, rather than trying to manage it manually

1:1 Meetings

Save time for discussions, not for managing calendar and organising  notes

Jira, Asana, Trello integrations

Save time to discuss working tasks, rather than manually searching them during 1:1

30+ meeting templates

Save time to ask more and know your team better, rather than finding words to say

Growth Plans

Save time to discuss growth progress, rather than on organising and updating documents

Learning recommendations

Save time ask questions on  learned topics rather than on finding materials

Knowledge base

Save time to keep your team knowledge up to date, rather than finding and sending materials

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